Preventive Dentistry

The aim of preventive dentistry is to encourage healthy dental care practices to keep your teeth healthy and thereby limit gum disease and avoid cavities. Holistic preventive dentistry goes further. It involves examining the relationship between your oral health and your whole body health and encouraging practices that will improve both and limit the need for invasive treatments. Dr. Mark Richardson Dentistry educates patients on overall physical health practices that strengthen the body’s immune system. This includes offering patients nutritional information and advice, and the use of preventive care therapies in addition to traditional preventive oral health care. We use digital x-rays to accurately evaluate your teeth and gums and limit the amount of harmful radiation.

Our practice puts the emphasis on maintaining optimal oral hygiene and adopting preventive care practices at an early age and we offer specific care programs for patients with periodontal disease, a high incidence of cavities, and other dental issues.